Sunday, February 14, 2010

_OTDs and what they stand for?

Hi everyone. For a new blogs reader and blogger like me, I see this abbreviations almost in all of the blogs I encounter (Fashion blogs) and never know what they mean. I dont even bother to click on them because I dont know what they mean. LOL! So today, I spent my time searching google and look for there meaning.

Here yah go:

LOTD-Look of the Day?
What makeup they wear or recommend to wear.
NOTD-Nails of the Day > Blogs on nails polishes,arts and the like
OOTD-Outfit of the Day> What dress they wear or recommend to wear.
QOTD-Question of the Day> I saw this particularly on Beautylicious Love blog. Where she answers some of the questions she get from her followers:)

Hope this helps on starter like me.:)

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  1. aww no worries hun! i love following new blogs :) and yea add a chatbox to ya blog hun so readers can leave you a line :)


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